Easy Gifty

In October I’m going to a house party, and need to come up with some elegant gifts to take to the two elegant ladies whom I will join at this party. I’ve been racking my brain for something that would be not too expensive, not too time-consuming, and yet very welcomed and cherished by the giftees. In one of the yarn and yarn shop e-mails to which I’ve subscribed, I read about Berroco’s new super-bulky “Link”. It comes with a free scarf pattern, “Wink”. Now here’s the thing: Wink knits up on size 35s, i.e. whopping big needles. And if … Continue reading

A blog in transition

As 60 came and went on my birthday calendar, I started wondering, “What’s next?” Recently I had the opportunity to attend, with a dear friend from my Washington, DC, years, BeadFest Philadelphia, sponsored by Interweave, which publishes inspirational arts and crafts books and sponsors fabulous showcases and workshops. I signed up for two workshops during BeadFast—Felted Bangles with Carol Cypher, and Painting with Fire with Barbara Lewis. Oh, my. To say I walked away inspired after this weekend is a gross understatement. My sons and daughter-in-law have been preaching “Follow your passion” to me for a number of years. My … Continue reading