Another Finished Scarf

Broken Cable PatternA month ago I wrote about a pattern I had started and then discarded, and the scarf that was to take its place.

I started the scarf in July. It was to be a two-skein scarf. I took it along on our Independence Day week at Lake Erie, and got quite a bit done. After we got home, I finished the first skein and started on the second. The scarf is 60 stitches wide, and is not what I categorize as a TV-watching pattern. Because of the broken cables, it’s a pattern that requires counting every stitch and every row.

I said I started on the second skein. I didn’t say I double-checked the color number on the second skein against the first skein. After knitting another—probably—10 inches on the second skein, I realized that the two colors were different. There was no way to disguise the fact that I had screwed up.

Sooooo, I removed my needles and pulled out all the stitches. And cast on again.

Having already done this once, I decided I wanted a scarf that was a smidge narrower and longer. I figured out a way to narrow the pattern by 10 stitches without messing up the broken cables.

And at the end of last week I finished it, washed and blocked it, and said Ta Da!

And passed it along to a friend who will get more use out of it than I.

What’s up next, you ask. Glass. I’m switching to glass for a while. My grandson and I are taking an introductory lampworking class next weekend. (Yes, I’ve already made a number of beads, but he’s only 11, so I feel the need to sit next to him in the class and make sure there’s not a problem. I’m that kind of grandma.)

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