Gift + Gift = Treasure

Anytime I gift someone with one of my handcrafted treasures, I try to communicate to her that regifting is okay. I know not everyone has the same love or use as I for the things I make. And I project that theory onto gifts I receive. A gift can become a gift, in my world. If you’re mindful of that theory, you’ll understand how thrilled I was to receive my friend Marilyn’s Christmas gift to me. Marilyn is one of the most creative people I know. <Sidebar on> Let me give you a couple examples of Marilyn’s creativity and generosity: … Continue reading

A New Take on a Crocheted Rope

When I was taking care of the grandkids the other day, I took them to the local library for a little while. In the craft aisle, I found Bethany Barry’s Bead Crochet. Dear friend and fellow beader Bindy Lambell (here’s a look at some of Bindy’s beautiful beads) taught me bead crochet when she stayed at my home during the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show in 2007. I’ve made a number of bead ropes before, but always with size 6 or 8 seed beads of various colors but no variety in size or style. When I looked at the projects … Continue reading

A blog in transition

As 60 came and went on my birthday calendar, I started wondering, “What’s next?” Recently I had the opportunity to attend, with a dear friend from my Washington, DC, years, BeadFest Philadelphia, sponsored by Interweave, which publishes inspirational arts and crafts books and sponsors fabulous showcases and workshops. I signed up for two workshops during BeadFast—Felted Bangles with Carol Cypher, and Painting with Fire with Barbara Lewis. Oh, my. To say I walked away inspired after this weekend is a gross understatement. My sons and daughter-in-law have been preaching “Follow your passion” to me for a number of years. My … Continue reading