A Look Inside “Fun With Opera”

Turning our creativity discussions away from sewing and onto music for a while (as I have absolutely no time to sew right now): Yesterday I did my last Opera Western Reserve Young Artists performance until mid-August. We performed at a summer arts camp in the neighboring county. Our normal “Fun With Opera” show is designed to last one class period in the normal school schedule. Because this was a day camp, the director requested a 90-minute performance, rather than 35-45 minutes. Here’s what the show script looks like: There are usually three singers. First they introduce themselves and their voice … Continue reading

Teaching It Simple

A music-friend of mine, Julie, is pregnant with her first baby. She’s having some health issues (her, not the baby), and posted on Facebook that she was looking for stress relief. I suggested she learn to knit, as it’s documented to relieve stress. She expressed an interest but also stated that she’s not the craftiest person around. So I decided a) I would teach her, and b) it needed to be simple, and c) it needed to be washable. I spent the spare minutes of several days searching for a simple blanket. The more I thought about it, the more … Continue reading

The Next Sewing Generation

My ten-year-old granddaughter has begun expressing an interest in becoming a fashion designer. To this end, I found the “Sew Zoey” books on Amazon and started her love affair with these books. Inspired by Zoey, DGD decided she wants to make her back-to-school wardrobe–at least the outfit she wears on the first day of fifth grade and maybe one more outfit. Thrilled for the opportunity to pass on my love of fiber, I began looking for an available time for a sewing playdate, and started to think about fabrics and patterns. While visiting the Gorgeous Fabrics site, I found a … Continue reading