Forget that Swirl Shawl!

Farm Field ScarfA month ago I posted my summer project. After knitting two or three of the swirls that would make up the scarf, I threw my needles on the table and said, “No, I Won’t!”

I pulled out every stitch I had done, wrapped the yarn back around the ball and went in search of a better pattern for that yarn.

I have never sewn or knitted anything for my guy. His skin is sensitive to much wool yarn, so scarves he purchases have to be of very fine, un-itchy wool. But this yarn—Jojoland Variegated Fingering Weight Superwash—should be gentle to his skin. Blossom Garden is a subtle variegation of brick red, steel blue, and bits of soft mustard and sage green. The scarf pattern I found has little broken cables that make it seem more masculine than other scarf patterns I’ve explored.

So that’s what’s on my needles now. It’s a little complex. It’s not a pattern I can mindlessly knit while watching television or carrying on a conversation. The pattern requires concentration, but that’s the only downside.

Here we go: 60 stitches times (4 border rows top and bottom plus 24 pattern rows knitted 16 times). Um, that’s 23,520 stitches.

That should take up any spare time I have this summer.

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4 Responses to Forget that Swirl Shawl!

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  2. PK says:

    Love the scarf with little cable segments. I have some JoJoland yarn in the stash. Would you mind telling where the pattern could be found? Handsome combination you have there.

  3. PK says:

    Thank you! I will investigate. Happy fall to you.

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