Easy Gifty

Berroco LinkIn October I’m going to a house party, and need to come up with some elegant gifts to take to the two elegant ladies whom I will join at this party. I’ve been racking my brain for something that would be not too expensive, not too time-consuming, and yet very welcomed and cherished by the giftees.

In one of the yarn and yarn shop e-mails to which I’ve subscribed, I read about Berroco’s new super-bulky “Link”. It comes with a free scarf pattern, “Wink”.

Now here’s the thing: Wink knits up on size 35s, i.e. whopping big needles. And if you’re a knitter, you know what that means: quick construction.

Wink ScarfYou cast on four (FOUR!) stitches, knit for an hour, and finish a scarf that started like this.

Can you say, “Cool!”

The yarn is soft and cuddly. One skein yields one scarf, and costs $29.00. Okay, so these had better be special friends to get a $29 gift, I know. But these ladies are special friends, and I’m having a ball preparing these gifts.

I ordered the yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool, as the other stores I normally order from didn’t have the colors I wanted in stock. I was alarmed when I saw that Jimmy Beans would be shipping from the other side of the Mississippi River. I thought I’d have to wait ten days or more for it to arrive. Two days later the box appeared on my porch! And Jimmy Beans gave me the option to buy another $5 worth of yarn and avoid the $5 shipping fee. Fast delivery and free shipping. What could be better?!

The pattern is free from Berroco. You can download it, or if you buy the skein of “Link”, the pattern is printed on the wrapper.

Won’t I be the welcomed guest?!