Summer Project: Swirl Shawl

Swirl shawlOnce I returned from my recent vacation to Italy, my time was consumed first by the Verdi Requiem, then by blogging about the trip. It’s amazing how much one can forget in 30 short days! I’ve been totally unmotivated by knitting or any other handcraft.

Then today I was cleaning up all artistic detritus hanging around the family room when I found a knitting kit I purchased a year ago on one of my taking-care-of-Mother trips to Asheville.

So the next knitting project is a shawl pattern from Jojoland.

It knits up in individual hexagons. Okay, so there are 82 hexagons, but if I tackle them one at a time, they’ll be manageable, right?

We’ll see how well these 82 hexagons hold my interest.

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