The ultimate in creativity

An extremely rare photo of me with my two sons. On your left/my right is the one we call Scott (his friends call him T.J.; his work colleagues call him Terry), who was born in 1973. On your right/my left is Tyler (also known as Tyger, Ty-Bye, and Daddy), who was born in 1975. Tyler and I gave a recital yesterday at Christ Church Episcopal in Warren, OH. The title was “Showtunes and Hymntunes.” We had a great time, and the performance was warmly received by the audience. Scott came from Dallas for the performance. I only see him once … Continue reading


About two months ago my son suggested we do a recital together. He is a “mercenary Episcopalian,” the paid singer/soloist at a nearby Episcopal church. He agreed to do this recital as part of their Sunday afternoon concert series, and the offering to be taken would benefit the church’s music program. Unfortunately, the only date open coincided with the final performance in the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus’s four-concert series of the Mozart Requiem. (It also ended up coinciding with the launch of a new website for Kent State, for which Tyler had much responsibility. Can you say “stress”?) Concert week … Continue reading