A Company of Creative People

Ever since early June–almost half a year ago–I’ve had the challenging music of Stephen Sondheim weighing heavily on my collaborative pianist’s fingers and brain. All other creative activities (particularly sewing and knitting) have fallen by the wayside. I would walk past my sewing room on the way to do the laundry, and resist the urge to go cut out a new top. And last night we opened “Company.” Wow, what a high! Accompanying this talented and spirited group of singers, which included my younger son in the lead role, was truly one of the highlights of my life. And we … Continue reading

A Gift For a Gift

Somewhere in my past I learned the charming custom of never sending a plate or bowl home empty after a friend has gifted you with food. But I don’t cook, so sending home a plate of some delicious food is not really a choice in my world. But sending home some cute little sewn accessory is! We had dinner out with our travel pals Mike and Marilyn a couple of weeks ago, then went back to their home for delicious homemade birthday desserts for Mike. The leftovers came home with us, and I’ve been eyeing that plate for two weeks—need … Continue reading