Prelude to Camp

Thursday, June 25, 2015 After an eight-hour drive that seemed much longer, I arrived in Interlochen and got the key to my room. As I walked out of the Stone Center with my key, I ran into my dearest son #3, Chip Miller, on his way out of the cafeteria. How exciting that I get to spend three weeks in close contact with this brilliant young pianist, who has been my son’s best friend since the day they met on these hallowed grounds in 1989. An hour later I had unloaded everything and settled in enough that I could sleep … Continue reading

A Look Inside “Fun With Opera”

Turning our creativity discussions away from sewing and onto music for a while (as I have absolutely no time to sew right now): Yesterday I did my last Opera Western Reserve Young Artists performance until mid-August. We performed at a summer arts camp in the neighboring county. Our normal “Fun With Opera” show is designed to last one class period in the normal school schedule. Because this was a day camp, the director requested a 90-minute performance, rather than 35-45 minutes. Here’s what the show script looks like: There are usually three singers. First they introduce themselves and their voice … Continue reading