Creativity Involves Taking Chances

Okay, creativity involves more than just taking chances. It involves learning. Lots of learning! I still am not finding time to get to my sewing room. I ran in there for 2 minutes yesterday while the dryer was running to mend a popped-out sleeve seam. But I’m not pulling out patterns and pinning them to fabric, and I’m not sure I’m going to find time to do that before the primary elections in early May. I did find time to create a website for my neighbor’s non-profit organization. But I’ve been having a hard time with enabling the comment function. … Continue reading

Creativity by Any Other Name

Anyone who loves to sew and create as much as I do will easily understand how frustrating it is to not have time to do so. And please don’t say to me, “Just make the time.” I can’t add hours onto the clock. Trust me, I’ve tried! I may have mentioned that I’m serving as campaign treasurer for Michele Lepore-Hagan in her bid for the Ohio House of Representatives. But there were other campaign tasks I was ideally suited to, so I took them on, too. I’m managing the content on her website and generally acting as her assistant. And … Continue reading