How Time Disappears During A Pandemic

First I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to, then I’ll show you. You can jump right to the pictures of my sewing projects by clicking this sentence, if you wish to skip all the yadda yadda. I honestly can’t believe it’s been seven months since I posted my work here. I need to try to remember what I’ve done during that time. The bathroom reno was finished on March 5, just four days after we got our second Pfizer shots. During March and April, I made recordings for a few YSU voice students to use in their Zoom voice … Continue reading

A Look Inside “Fun With Opera”

Turning our creativity discussions away from sewing and onto music for a while (as I have absolutely no time to sew right now): Yesterday I did my last Opera Western Reserve Young Artists performance until mid-August. We performed at a summer arts camp in the neighboring county. Our normal “Fun With Opera” show is designed to last one class period in the normal school schedule. Because this was a day camp, the director requested a 90-minute performance, rather than 35-45 minutes. Here’s what the show script looks like: There are usually three singers. First they introduce themselves and their voice … Continue reading

Suitable for a Page Turner

Now that my primary page-turner is a teenager, his social life gets in the way of his helping Grandma keep the music flowing. For tonight’s performance, his eleven-year-old sister will be turning for me. She’s not nearly so experienced as he, but when I tell her she has to pay attention, she soberly nods and stays focused. The problem? Her wardrobe consists of lots of bling and bright colors. To her, colors that coordinate are simply whatever she pulls out of her drawer or closet without looking. As into sewing and fashion as I am, it makes me batsh*t crazy … Continue reading

A Company of Creative People

Ever since early June–almost half a year ago–I’ve had the challenging music of Stephen Sondheim weighing heavily on my collaborative pianist’s fingers and brain. All other creative activities (particularly sewing and knitting) have fallen by the wayside. I would walk past my sewing room on the way to do the laundry, and resist the urge to go cut out a new top. And last night we opened “Company.” Wow, what a high! Accompanying this talented and spirited group of singers, which included my younger son in the lead role, was truly one of the highlights of my life. And we … Continue reading

That is the State of the Art

… as Mr. Sondheim wrote in “Sunday in the Park with George.” If you are a Facebook friend of mine, you know I’m preparing for a Sondheim revue to take place on September 4, 6, and 7 at the Area Community Theatre of Sharpsville (ACTS) in a neighboring Pennsylvania county. As part of ACTS’ publicity, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Sharon Herald by phone yesterday. Let me preface this account by saying I’ve been sick as a dog since Sunday night. __As. A. Dog.!!!__ Three days of coughing and respiratory troubles and sinus pain and zero oomph. … Continue reading