Define: Design

The Spousal Equivalent and I had a discussion the other evening after I finished my new shirt. I showed him my beautiful neckband and my personalized label inside. He looked at it, said it was nice, then commented, “Shouldn’t that be ‘Jan Crews Creates’ rather than ‘Jan Crews Designs’?” I did not take offense at his words, as that same question has run through my mind any number of times since I had the labels made. What makes a designer? Is the designer only the person who imagines and drafts the pattern for the garment or accessory? Or does my … Continue reading

It Was Free!!

Never in my life have I a) sewn with a downloaded pattern, or b) sewn with a free pattern. You get what you pay for, right? So free must not be very good. The Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee puts that myth to bed! I don’t remember at all how I happened upon this site and this pattern. I do nose around Pinterest quite a bit, and I think I probably saw it there. You know how I love Eileen Fisher garments, and when I read “boxy tee” in descriptions of this pattern, I thought I might like to try it. … Continue reading

A Study in Contrasts and Placement

I was cleaning off my cutting table—okay, I’ll admit, I was trying to clean off my cutting table. Someday I’m going to be successful. I hope that day is soon! Anyway, I found a brown jersey I remember buying at the old Buttons ‘n’ Bolts in Tucson about 10 years ago. At the time I was going to make a long tank dress as the canvas for a brown art-to-wear jacket that existed in my mind. Neither ever got made. Now I’m making lots of knit tops, so I grabbed the brown jersey (probably pima cotton, shot with black, deliciously … Continue reading

Mindful Knitting

(Woke up with a medium-sized headache, and lay in bed with my iPad surfing sewing and knitting blogs.) Boy, can I chew up a lot of time on the Internet reading what other people are doing and creating?! So let me tell you about my latest creation… For our vacation last week, I chose the Spud & Chloe Bulky Baby Blanket. The colors I chose were Wave for the Outer and Grass for the Sweater. I opted for the garter stitch version, as I’ve been asked by several people if I could teach them to sew, and I think garter … Continue reading