No Speeding!

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say how overfull my schedule is. But I miss having hours on end to just tunnel into my basement hidey-hole and sew my heart out. So in this overbusy time, I snatched a few minutes to cut out and begin sewing a Porta-Pockets Purse Insert from StudioKat. Michele [Lepore-Hagan for State Representative] gave me a fabulous bag from her sister’s handbag line to thank me for all the work I’ve done on her campaign. I have never loved a handbag as much as I love this one. And I’ve never had such a … Continue reading

Stolen Moments

I’m a sucker for early-morning shopping from my inbox. Once my stash is full, I have to consciously tell myself, “Don’t look. Don’t look.” While on vacation, I looked at a Fabric Mart sale email and fell for this black and white “tie-dye” stripe. And I’m glad I did. This rayon/lycra blend knit is soft and super comfortable. I love the lime green version of Katherine Tilton’s Vogue 8710 that I made in June, but I don’t think it goes with anything but white pants. Summer. In Northeast Ohio, summer is long gone. Additionally, I made the green top with … Continue reading

A Labor of Duty

Most of my sewing, when I’m not the intended recipient, is a labor of love. My most recent experience didn’t follow that tradition. The store owner approached me with three bolts of fabric and a pattern for a little girl’s dress and asked me to make it for a store sample. I was complimented. To my mind, that meant she liked the work I had done on the (much disliked by me) Amy Butler skirt and skirt overlay I had completed a few weeks ago. Now, I love to sew. Obviously. One could not turn out the number of garments … Continue reading

Eating Serger Pie

You’ve heard of eating Humble Pie, or of eating one’s words, right? Well, after this weekend’s sewing, I’m eating Serger Pie. Way back in, oh, 1998, I bought a serger. Honestly, in retrospect I don’t know why I bought it. The magazines I was reading and the classes I was taking at the time all talked about sergers and the beautiful work they allow the home sewist to produce. So I thought I needed one. I bought the Bernina 1100DA, took the guide classes offered by the dealer in Vienna, Virginia, and then tucked it into a cupboard. I moved … Continue reading