Common Interests

I’ve been living in hell this week. While driving from Northeast Ohio to Western North Carolina two days before Christmas to see my 101-year-old mother and visit with my brothers and sister-in-law, I received a call from my SIL telling me we might have to move Mother from her assisted living facility to a nursing home. Damn! You see, my plan includes: Mother living as long as she wants—in perfect health the whole time—and then just dropping dead, painlessly, of course, from a heart attack or other instant condition. So far my plan isn’t working so well. In fact, we’re … Continue reading

It Must Be Done!

The clean-up begins today. My sewing room is a mess. No, that’s understating the problem. It’s a nightmare, a horror. It’s downright scary. Step One: Fold all the new stash members who are lying around and place each in one of the two-gallon Ziploc bags I bought yesterday. Wish me luck and stay tuned.