It’s Spring Somewhere, Right?

I’ve been feeling like I look o*l*d lately, and I don’t like it. This aging process—for me, anyway—is a depressing exercise in futility. My hair includes lots of salt’n’pepper around my face, and I don’t think it’s flattering. So I thought maybe if I make some brighter clothes, instead of all the muted colors and black, maybe I’d feel/look younger. I saw this piece of Nanette Lepore cotton bouclé knit on Emma One Sock’s ever-tempting and wonderfully organized site and thought it would be a fun color with which to test out my new anti-aging theory. My goal was to … Continue reading

It’s a Learning Exercise

Every year the Jazzman and I spend the week of the Fourth of July in a cottage at Madison Shores in Madison-on-the-Lake, along the southern shore of Lake Erie. Many of the families who summer there come from the Youngstown area, and have been staying in the same cottages in this development for 20 years. The sense of community is strong. On the Fourth of July, there are organized games for the kids. It’s a big deal! And I’m patriotic, so I want to wear something appropriate to the day while I watch my grandkids get their game on. This … Continue reading

The Do-Over, All Done

Remember the blanket that was my vacation project? It’s all done now. And it’s beautiful. The knitting? Not perfect. But the blanket that was the result of all those do-overs? Soft and cushy and wonderful. I believe I paid more for this Spud & Chloë yarn (four hanks of Outer, two hanks of Sweater) than I’ve ever paid for yarn. But the hand of this yarn—55% superwash wool and 45% organic cotton—is what makes the blanket feel so wonderful. I can envision making one four times the size for the adults in the family to cuddle up in. All the … Continue reading

The Dress From Hell

This post could have many titles. I considered “Oh, Gawd”‘ “Love/Hate”,”Give Me Back My Premenopausal Body” … you get my mindset? Let me just begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for the person who designed Vogue 8920. The pattern illustrations indicate a truly lovely dress. My praise stops there. Pattern Description: MISSES’/MISSES’ PETITE DRESS: Pullover, lined dress (close-fitting through bust) has neck band, side front and side back seams, side godets, and narrow hem. A and B: raw edge finish on sleeve hems. B: hem band. (Are you *#%^ing kidding me? After everything else you go through … Continue reading

Knit Muslin. An oxymoron?

A few months ago a new Vogue dress pattern, 8920, came out that caught my eye. When there was a Club BMV sale, I grabbed it. When we were invited to a family wedding (that takes place this weekend), I started obsessing about what to wear. While working the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, I saw the most beautiful soft knit in the Vogue Fabrics booth. This fabric reminded me of Gustav Klimt’s painting, “The Kiss.” The colors were like caramel ice cream topping, and the fabric is so soft you just want to … Continue reading