That is the State of the Art

… as Mr. Sondheim wrote in “Sunday in the Park with George.” If you are a Facebook friend of mine, you know I’m preparing for a Sondheim revue to take place on September 4, 6, and 7 at the Area Community Theatre of Sharpsville (ACTS) in a neighboring Pennsylvania county. As part of ACTS’ publicity, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Sharon Herald by phone yesterday. Let me preface this account by saying I’ve been sick as a dog since Sunday night. __As. A. Dog.!!!__ Three days of coughing and respiratory troubles and sinus pain and zero oomph. … Continue reading

Summery Scarf

Catching up on some older projects that haven’t made it to a blog post yet …. One of Wolf Creek Yarn’s weekly newsletters in March grabbed my attention. In Northeast Ohio, we were still in the depths of a brutal winter, but the scarf shown in the newsletter sang to me of spring. The scarf is made of Berroco Lago yarn, a rayon/linen blend that gives the wearer accessory options for warm-weather outfits. I made a road trip over to Grove City to visit Wolf Creek for the first time, where I bought two skeins each of the colors Papaya … Continue reading

When is a Uniform Not a Uniform?

When it’s a great, beautifully constructed, Katherine Tilton Vogue top. My friend, Leslie, teaches at Interlochen Arts Camp during her summer breaks from the university where she chairs the dance department. My son, grandkids, and I drove up to Interlochen earlier this summer to visit her. Now, anyone who has attended or visited Interlochen over the years knows there’s a camp uniform. Light blue shirts and dark blue pants or shorts (or, much mocked through time, knickers for the girls). When I observed one of Leslie’s musical theatre classes the first day we were there, I was horrified. No one … Continue reading