A New Look at Book Covers

A Grandma Sewing Tutorial I never had to have my books covered in high school. At least I don’t remember having to cover them, but that was a long time ago. I barely remember what classes I took in high school. I do remember, however, cutting class as much as possible during my junior year. I didn’t love high school. My sweet DGS is now three days into his high school experience. He texted me the other night and said he had a sewing project to complete before Friday, asking when I’d be available to assist his design efforts. When … Continue reading

Back in the (Sewing) Saddle Again

While I was at camp, there was barely a minute to spare. I thought I was going to be able to volunteer in the costume shop and help them out with stitching. I brought my current knitting project and a couple of sewing projects, along with my beloved Bernina, and didn’t have nearly as much handcraft fun as I thought I would. So you can imagine that I’m happy to be home and back in my sewing room. The Lovely Lady Leslie spent a few days in Youngstown after camp, and I was able to sit her down in my … Continue reading

Jas’s Summer Vacation

It’s amazing what one brain can forget in six weeks’ time. As I left the house yesterday morning to go grocery shopping, I had to stop and think what the process involved. Turn off the alarm system; wait, what’s the code. Unlock the door to go to the car; wait, there’s a garage door to open, where’s the remote. As I reached down to turn the door knob to go outside, the plate behind the knob looked different, looked shiny, looked new. I looked at it for a few moments, then just figured I wasn’t remembering what it looked like. … Continue reading

Camp Postmortem

or What I took away from my summer at camp What did I love? First and foremost: Being able to spend time with the Lovely Lady Leslie. I believe she was 15 when I first met her, and seeing the wonderful adult and mother and teacher she’s grown into fills me with delight. When I’m having a hard day, she cheerfully says just the right thing to help me through the hard to the fun on the other side. I loved popping into her studio/going out for dinner/going shopping/enjoying family time with her this summer. What a magnificent woman she … Continue reading

Interlochen Arts Camp 2015, Week Six

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 And it’s week six. The slippery slide down to final performances and emotional goodbyes has begun. And I start the week at 5:00 a.m. with a horrible headache, clearly brought on by some barometric pressure changes, as evidenced by a sick stomach. Blech. I’ve got a dress rehearsal this afternoon, so I don’t appreciate this start to the day or week. Quiet morning, as it was photo call. The director and photographer finished at 12:10, we took cast and crew pictures, then I raced back to my dorm room for inspection. One signs an inventory sheet … Continue reading