A Gift For a Gift

bagsSomewhere in my past I learned the charming custom of never sending a plate or bowl home empty after a friend has gifted you with food. But I don’t cook, so sending home a plate of some delicious food is not really a choice in my world. But sending home some cute little sewn accessory is!

We had dinner out with our travel pals Mike and Marilyn a couple of weeks ago, then went back to their home for delicious homemade birthday desserts for Mike. The leftovers came home with us, and I’ve been eyeing that plate for two weeks—need to fill it, need to fill it.

mbagsclosedThen I realized Marilyn would much prefer something I made with fabric to something I made with flour and sugar. So I dug into my stash and found a fabric with a floral theme, as Marilyn is a wonderful and passionate gardener. (Another trait we don’t share.)

mbagsopenI posted these bags at Christmas when I made several as holiday gifts for my g’kids’ teachers. They come from Amanda Niederhauser’s Jedi Craft Girl blog. They’re cute and easy to make. Best of all, they’re useful to hold all manner of stuff and beloved by everyone who receives one as a gift.

I can hear you now—you’re thinking about what luscious edible you could bring to my home to get one of these bags in return, aren’t you?!

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