The best kind of compliment

Thursday afternoon, around four o’clock, I was working killing time in the TV room when an incoming text pinged. Here’s what I read: “So, I have now seen both [your sons] with these handy fabric/mesh bags that they carry all of their gadget cords in. Do you happen to have an extra?” What a compliment! A) To notice something I made; B) To realize I made it; and C) To comprehend that you’re in such high standing on my friend list that I’d make one for you in a heartbeat. I didn’t have any extras around, but I dropped what … Continue reading

Vacation Happy – Days 5 & 6

Today I’m grateful for: Having packed a boxy wool cowlneck sweater that I could put two other layers underneath. (However, I’m kicking myself for pulling the cashmere twinset out of the suitcase at the last minute. “It’s spring”, I thought. Yeah, so what? It’s danged cold!) Two pairs of Naot shoes. These ultra comfortable shoes are worth every penny the retailers charge. Getting to see new-to-me cities and attractions. Blown away yesterday by the Chateau de Chantilly. I’m enchanted with the little town of Senlis, near the chateau. We had lunch in an enchanting little underground restaurant, “Les Barbares,” in … Continue reading

Vacation Happy – Days 3 & 4

Today I’m grateful for: Listening to my instincts and inserting batting in the straps of the bag I made to schlep my necessities on the trip. Weather that has belied the weather forecast. A merveilleux tour director with an amazing sense of humor. Goodbye to Dijon. Hello to Reims, after tasting Chardonnays in the City of Chablis. Today’s photo came from an attractive window display in Dijon.

Vacation Happy – Days 1 & 2

Today I’m grateful for, among other things: Beautiful weather in Lyon Having gotten a no-muss-no-fuss haircut for vacation dry and style in 3 minutes! Great traveling companions. Friends at home watching our house so we don’t have to worry. Today’s togs: K. Tilton top, M. Tilton pants, both from M. Tilton fabrics and Vogue patterns. Au revoir to Lyon. Bonjour to Dijon.