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HemlockNeckThe Spousal Equivalent and I had a discussion the other evening after I finished my new shirt. I showed him my beautiful neckband and my personalized label inside.

He looked at it, said it was nice, then commented, “Shouldn’t that be ‘Jan Crews Creates’ rather than ‘Jan Crews Designs’?”

I did not take offense at his words, as that same question has run through my mind any number of times since I had the labels made.

What makes a designer? Is the designer only the person who imagines and drafts the pattern for the garment or accessory? Or does my envisioning the finished garment from the pattern illustration and choosing fabric and notions to bring the vision to life constitute designing?

I haven’t designed any patterns, although I have two in my brain right now that I’m wanting to bring to paper. Then I’ll really be a designer.

But look at my body of work. Am I designer now, without printed and published patterns?

I’m looking forward to learning what you think on this issue.

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  1. Jan says:

    After mulling obsessing over this issue for going on 24 hours, I’m thinking labels that just say “Jan Crews.” Forget about the whole debate about “designer” or “creator” or “crafts person.” Keep it sweet and simple.

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