Out With the Old, In With the New

As most humans are wont to do, yesterday and today I have been looking back on 2015, pondering what I wish to change for 2016. Change? Almost everything! Last year was one of the hardest years in my life, with a few bright lights tossed in to keep me sane. It started on Christmas Day of 2014, when my brothers decided it was time for Mother to reside permanently in a nursing home. The task of cleaning out her apartment in the assisted living facility and deciding what to do with her now-unnecessary possessions fell to me. I had to … Continue reading

Jas’s Summer Vacation

It’s amazing what one brain can forget in six weeks’ time. As I left the house yesterday morning to go grocery shopping, I had to stop and think what the process involved. Turn off the alarm system; wait, what’s the code. Unlock the door to go to the car; wait, there’s a garage door to open, where’s the remote. As I reached down to turn the door knob to go outside, the plate behind the knob looked different, looked shiny, looked new. I looked at it for a few moments, then just figured I wasn’t remembering what it looked like. … Continue reading

Rewriting History

In 1988, when John and I were newly a couple, his daughter Tamara met a lovely man (Jeff, who has now been her husband for over 25 years). During their first summer of dating, Jeff met Scott and Tyler and learned that Tyler was an avid musician. Having spent several summers at what was then National Music Camp (NMC, now Interlochen Arts Camp, IAC), Jeff graciously ordered information to be sent to Tyler. The seed was planted, Tyler learned more and more about percussion during the school year, and he applied to spend the summer of 1989 as a percussionist … Continue reading

Common Interests

I’ve been living in hell this week. While driving from Northeast Ohio to Western North Carolina two days before Christmas to see my 101-year-old mother and visit with my brothers and sister-in-law, I received a call from my SIL telling me we might have to move Mother from her assisted living facility to a nursing home. Damn! You see, my plan includes: Mother living as long as she wants—in perfect health the whole time—and then just dropping dead, painlessly, of course, from a heart attack or other instant condition. So far my plan isn’t working so well. In fact, we’re … Continue reading

Letting it speak to you

As I reviewed the photos I took in May on our tour of the Burgundy and Champagne regions of France, Paris and Giverny, I realized I had a number of flower photos that I really loved. I started toying with ideas of how best to display them. I love looking at the pictures in the Houzz.com email newsletter and browsing Pinterest decorating ideas. At some point I saw a photo of white frames with white mats in a single horizontal line and thought these might be just what I wanted. I browsed several dozen sites searching just the right frame, … Continue reading