Favorite Travel Jacket

NikkoDoesn’t everyone have a favorite travel garment? This is mine. Every time I wear it, I receive compliments.

It’s the Nikko jacket from The Sewing Workshop. The fabric is a home dec linen that I found at a store near the university in Tucson. From my googling, I believe the store no longer exists. I can picture it and about where it was, but can no longer remember the name of the street. I lived in Tucson from 2000-2008—eight years. I’ve now been gone from there for six years. I’ve forgotten many of the places, but still remember all the good friends.

I took this picture Monday morning a week ago (Sept. 8) at 4:15 a.m. as we were heading for the airport shuttle for a nonstop flight to San Francisco. I was going to quickly post it to explain why I wouldn’t be sewing and posting at all. You see how well that went!

Now I’m home and busy posting the travel blog—wine tasting in Sonoma and Napa; a long drive down the coast for lunch with a fiber friend; SF fabric shopping with a cyberfiberfriend who can now drop “cyber” from her title; and lots of walking and sightseeing around SF. Great fall vacation!!!

And the Nikko jacket? The only thing I would have done differently is put in a faux bound buttonhole rather than a regular buttonhole with black thread. Other than that, it’s perfect. Great weight for sitting on a plane for hours. And I believe it’s visited every foreign country I have visited.

(If you want to read about our travels, click the Travel tab at the top of the screen. My account will be complete in a few days.)

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