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DSC_1566A few days before leaving for France, I finished a long, flounced halter dress for my granddaughter, Ridley, who would turn 10 at the end of the month. Ridley’s mother’s family has a lot of height genes, so this child was wearing size 9 shoes and girls’ size 14 clothes when she was 9. I believe I”ll be making clothes for her for years to come.

As I said in the blog post about the dress construction, I had cut the dress too large, but was able to alter it in such a way that I will be able to make it larger in a few months when she hits another growth spurt.

RCandECShe loved that the skirt included pockets. I noticed, as she was walking onto the stage with her Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) class for the end of year performance, that she had her hands in the pockets and was using them to flip her skirt around even more. Loves the pockets! Loves the flounce! Loves the twirly girly skirt!

The best part of the construction project? She’s so appreciative. She is such a sweet not-so-little girl with such a big heart, and she is appreciative of everything I do for her.

Go ahead, Darlin’, wrap your grandma around your little finger.

(P.S. That’s her brother, over her right shoulder, in the red and cream striped t-shirt. My other darlin’.)

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