Blessed Sewing Time!

Finally! I was able to sneak fifteen minutes here and a half hour there over the past week and get a tunic top made, clearing one piece of yardage out of my stash. I’ve rescheduled my life for the next school year, and will have three weeks in a row mostly to myself in late July/early August, along with a two-day workweek throughout the school year. My goal for the summer is to reorganize my sewing room with a major declutter. But this accomplishment—the new top which I finished today—just whetted my appetite. That was sorely needed! The pattern is … Continue reading

Stolen Moments

I’m a sucker for early-morning shopping from my inbox. Once my stash is full, I have to consciously tell myself, “Don’t look. Don’t look.” While on vacation, I looked at a Fabric Mart sale email and fell for this black and white “tie-dye” stripe. And I’m glad I did. This rayon/lycra blend knit is soft and super comfortable. I love the lime green version of Katherine Tilton’s Vogue 8710 that I made in June, but I don’t think it goes with anything but white pants. Summer. In Northeast Ohio, summer is long gone. Additionally, I made the green top with … Continue reading

A Study in Contrasts and Placement

I was cleaning off my cutting table—okay, I’ll admit, I was trying to clean off my cutting table. Someday I’m going to be successful. I hope that day is soon! Anyway, I found a brown jersey I remember buying at the old Buttons ‘n’ Bolts in Tucson about 10 years ago. At the time I was going to make a long tank dress as the canvas for a brown art-to-wear jacket that existed in my mind. Neither ever got made. Now I’m making lots of knit tops, so I grabbed the brown jersey (probably pima cotton, shot with black, deliciously … Continue reading

A Study in Stretch

This pattern, Katherine Tilton’s Vogue 8817, has become a favorite TNT (Tried ‘n’ True) for me. I love both views—View A/B, the T-shirt with a back inset, and View C/D, the tunic. When I saw the delicious colors of this poly/lycra reptile print at Gorgeous Fabrics, I grabbed it. I actually grabbed enough so that DGD could also make a top for herself out of this. And while I was at it, I grabbed some black mesh to use with the ssssnake print on this shirt. Here are the two interesting lessons learned from this project: Mesh vs. Solid: I … Continue reading

A Top to Bring Fall Into the Picture

Most of Katherine Tilton’s patterns have appeared in Vogue Patterns until this past spring, when two new patterns were published in Vogue’s sister publication, Butterick Patterns. When I saw Katherine’s new top with vest and jacket views, Butterick 5891, I ordered the pattern immediately and started imagining how I could decrease my fabric stash with this pattern. First I made the jacket view in a hand-dyed silk shantung, but I’ll tell you about that another day. Today we’re going to talk about the vest. Before deciding what to do with the pattern, I read the six reviews on Several … Continue reading