One More for the Road

imageOf course. That’s what you’ll say when I tell you I decided around 2:00 yesterday afternoon to make Just One More Top for the trip.

I wanted to try Katherine Tilton’s Butterick 5961 one more time. I still had some of the peacock RPL from my View C. I had also gotten some “army green” of the same fabric. Their army green is really closer to an avocado.

So I made View A/B and cut it two inches longer.

To counteract the floppiness of the collar, I took the lightweight interfacing that I had used for the hems on View C, tugged to see where it had the most stretch, and cut a full collar out of that and fused to the collar. Because it wasn’t a true bias, the collar came out wonky, which I really like. I

I also cut a 1.5″ strip of the teal the same length as the collar and drew lines on it with a lime Fabrico pen. I folded it and basted to one long edge of the collar, so it peeks out of that seam. You have to invade my personal space to see the stripes, but I know they’re there.

Finally, to finish tying the teal and green together, I cut a little strip and sewed it onto the left sleeve 2″ above the hem, using the double needle to topstitch the edges and the center.

The top feels a little big on me even thought I cut my normal 16. If you’re using a soft knit with a lot of stretch, you might go down a size.

And now it’s time to board the plane for Frankfurt. Tschüß!

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4 Responses to One More for the Road

  1. Roomy tops are perfect for long flights – have a great trip!

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks, Sarah. Our flight was three hours longer than scheduled because of a medical emergency onboard. And I was comfortable the whole way!

  3. Dixie says:

    Hi Jan! I just discovered your blog via your review of this pattern on PR. It looks like you and I have a bit in common, as I’m a big Tilton fan. Diane Ericson, too. I’ve never met Marcy, Katherine or Diane in person, but I’ve learned a lot from each of them, and I’ve used their patterns a lot. I;ll enjoy following your blog and reading about your latest creations!

  4. Jan says:

    Thanks, Dixie, and hello from Luxembourg. Glanced quickly at your blog and will enjoy getting to know you online.
    Best regards,

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